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Our mission...

is to promote, preserve and celebrate the historical and cultural significance of the town of Christiana and to preserve the story of the Christiana Resistance of 1851.

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The Christiana Historical Society is...

a non - profit 501(c)3 formed in 2000. 


The Society is restoring the Wm. P. Brinton House, 17 Green Street, Christiana, Pa to be our new home and community asset.

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Thanks to the generosity of local business Vintage Stone, Inc., owned by Christiana resident Mike Weaver, all of the radiators, pipes and appliances in the house were cut out, pulled out and loaded onto trucks and taken to Atglen Recycling.  It was a massive job!  The radiators were extremely oversized and most had to be cut in two just to get them out.  The crew was incredible and we can't thank them enough!

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