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A beautiful Commomorative 2001 Limited Edition signed and numbered print by artist Dennis Minch.


Minch is a native of Parkesburg and has been painting since age eleven.  He is mainly self-taught and works in color, pastels and oil.  He was a trained bridge construction draftsman in the army engineers;  a freelance artist in the paper deisgn industry and a director of cartography for County Government. 


He constantly developed his skills during these professions by sharing knowledge and ideas teaching private art classes. 


Winner of over 30 awards, his works are found in many collections here and abroad.


Fun Fact:  His father Matthew F. Minch was a well-respected and revered educator in Parkesburg where the park bears his name, Minch Park.

Christiana Riot House - 1851

  • Print with border, insignia and signature is 18 inches wide by 12 inches tall.

    The actual print is 15 inches wide by 10 inches tall.

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